[INTERVIEW] 120529 A date at Hongdae with BTOB…Curious about one’s feelings! (Part 1)

Hongdae’s name ‘Tea Time’ went ripe as the interview started. The members quickly cleared their glasses and raised their hands to order more. This time, they ordered Affogato.

We decided to listen to what each members had to say about each other. They decided to start from the right. The members decided to compliment the positive traits and reveal any hidden stories among the members.

The members first said “I think we have a lot to say”; however, once the questions were asked, the members only moved their eyes. They decided to stay away from any negative actions after the interview.

Ilhoon to Minhyuk

He’s good at cleaning rooms and he’s an example of a good student. His image in general is a college senior, church oppa (brother). He’s a good hyung. Sometimes he’s so focused with one thing, he doesn’t think about anything else around him. He continues to do what he has to do.

Minhyuk to Peniel

He has hair on his neck. It’s interesting (laughs). And when he walks, he stomps. He’s usually an innocent guy but he has a 4D side of him. He eats a lot of junk food but doesn’t eat a lot of regular meals. There are times when he only eats chocolate and jelly. Although he’s trying to eat less of them, his bag is still like a mini convenient store (laughs). It’s to the point where Eunkwang orders him to eat vegetables. He can also stand still one minute then do some popping the other minute. From the day he became part of the team, he would always greet “Hello” even when we’re always with each other. Even after using the restroom he would greet us “Hello”; we tell him to stop. He does this when he’s talking on the phone; he even asks “May I use the restroom?” before using the company’s restroom.

Peniel to Sungjae

He’s always nice. He jokes around a lot and also lifts the team’s atmosphere so it makes me happy too. Compared to his age he’s…what’s that word? Oh right, mature. He can’t eat seafood. He has a lot of curiosity for food so he can’t reject it.

Sungjae to Eunkwang

He’s good with social life. He’s polite to adults and sweet to little kids; he’s really nice. But he tends to hide what he wants to say so he’s making it harder for himself. He’s a tender leader. He can’t scold at us.

Eunkwang to Hyunshik

He has a lot of confidence and has strong aspirations. There’s a lot of good things to see about him. It feels like Hyunshik will make it big. Ah! He also has a great body, but he’s stubborn. He has a hard time waking in the morning but he insists he just doesn’t feel like waking up.


I was practicing writing lyrics and he had his head down in front of the computer. After I came out from washing, he was literally dead. We were all tired from practicing but Hyunshik was the only one sleeping uncomfortably in the living room. I tried waking him up so he can sleep in his room, but no matter how hard I tried, there was no response. But he would say “I’m listening to the album”.


That day I practiced a little more so when I came back, Hyunshik was sleeping in the living room. I held Hyunshik and said “Hyunshik-ah~” but he still wouldn’t wake up. At the end I called him “Hyunshik oppa” and he slightly smiled (laughs). Also when he sleeps, he has his hands in his pockets. Even at the waiting room, he sleeps like a stone.

Hyunshik to Changseob

Changseob hyung has great passion. Like burning fire (laughs). He practices more than us. We practice until late too but he does 1-2 hours more. It’s amazing. Maybe this is why he can’t wake up in the morning. We all assume 100% that he’ll end up being late, but he’s never late. He wakes up the latest but he’s the first one to be in the car.


I think he has a lot of sleep. He sleeps while he sings and sleeps while he eats. While we were practicing acapella, one sound just disappeared. We all looked and he was asleep.


He would suddenly wake up and do a pose. Ilhoon once said “Changseob hyung” to wake him up and he suddenly woke up and said “Okay, I’m doing this for you”. (laughs).


I make sounds as I sleep. In a unique way I make sounds like “Eeh-uh-uh-eung”.

Changseob to Ilhoon

He’s really mature. When he talks, he chooses the perfect vocabulary and chooses the perfect rhythm. Because he’s in charge of rap, he tries to create his own color. He likes to practice a lot and make it his own. A negative trait…It’s hard to think of one but a long time ago he got furious over his own talent because he was not satisfied. While dancing, he would endure it two times, but at the third time he would get angry at himself. But he’s more calm down (laughs).

CREDITS: Joynews (SOURCE); gangsterjoe @ fyeah-btob (TRANS)


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