[120727] Billboard 1-Hour Twitter Mention via Billboard Korea ~Peniel~

[E] for English tweets.
[K] For Korean tweets translated to English by fyeahborntobeat


[K] @billboard_k Do you sometimes go to CUBE Cafe!!??

@lim_choding If there’s no lesson or practice I go for a drink!~Peniel~

[E] @billboard_k Peniel, are you there? Hehe, what’s your favorite brand of chocolate? ^^

@EuniceAurora yes I’m here and I’m not sure what my favorite brand is xP~Peniel~

[E] @billboard_k @OFFICIALBTOB [PENIEL] who helps you the most with your Korean?

@Trianii196 all of them help me a lot ~Peniel~

[E] @billboard_k (Peniel) Do you eat jelly beans/gummies??

@jaslineljx yes~Peniel~

[K] @billboard_k Peniel Oppa, I’m a foreign fan but even so I would like to be friendsㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

@yongjuns_ ㅋㅋ Okay let’s be friends ^^~프니엘~

[E] @billboard_k 7. Penieeeeel, do you like watching cartoons movie? Like madagskar, ice age, kungfu panda, etc?

@meyo1609 yeah I like watching any sorta movie ^^~Peniel~

[E] @billboard_k Peniel! What do you like more Bubble Tea or Ice Cream? 🙂

@minhosshi I like them both the same :)~Peniel~

[E] @billboard_k Peniel oppa, what’s your favourite colour?

@Nadiaamira_ I don’t have one~Peniel~

[K] @billboard_k Peniel OppaㅠㅜDo we only have to mention tweets in English????ㅠㅠI can’t speak Englishㅠㅍ

@wldbs4272 No ^^ ㅋㅋ We’ll also answer in Korean ^^~Peniel~

[E] @billboard_k peniel! what book are you currently reading? ^^

@_moonleader the Harry potter series :P~Peniel~

[K] @billboard_k Peniel I want to see that one bag you bring~~In Peniel’s bag, generally what’s the thing you have most????

@BTOBsunni Probably snacks is what I have the most ㅋㅋ ~Peniel~

[E] @billboard_k Peniel, you can speak more spanish? 😀

@Valerouh I forgot most of it but I remember a little haha I can introduce myself? ~Peniel~

[K] @Billboard_k Peniel has a v-neck t-shirts collection right? Do you have it in every color?


@1004BomShin I don’t have all ㅋㅋㅋ But I have a lot ~Peniel~



thanks to fyeahborntobeat




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