[NEWS] BTOB to release 2nd mini-album “Press Play” next week + image teaser

It seems that Cube Entertainment’s male group BTOB will be making their comeback next week with their 2nd mini-album, “Press Play.”

On September 4th at 3PM KST, Cube Entertainment posted on their official Twitter account, “Press Play»»»»>BTOB! 120912 You’ll be amazed with ‘WOW’ so put your hands together! WOW!!” and published a colorful photo.

The image teaser [HERE] has a 90s retro feel featuring an intense, pop art image of one of the members holding a “W” sign with their hands to represent the title track “WOW.”

“WOW” will have a 90s retro sound mixed with dark, but cool nostalgic sounds. The rap style in the title track will sound like a swing style used back in the 90s.

Earlier today, a photo of BTOB’s Sungjae with “Reply 1997” stars Seo Inguk and A Pink’s Eunji was posted on their official Facebook account, who also held up the “W” signs. The post read, “Hold on tight Melodies, you are all in for a wild ride!”

Are you looking forward to BTOB’s return?

(Source: koreaboo.com)

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