120914 – btob behind story :: kbs music bank


This is BTOB’s Fanclub representative.

Music Bank’s comeback stage, did you watch it well??
Because of the cheering of the fans who came for the pre-recording,
the members were able to look cool on stage^^
you know that it’s all thanks to melodies? hehe
So~~~!!! in the future united as one voice let’s give a lot of cheers~~^^

And so,
No way is everyone sleeping already is there anyone waiting for behind story..???
Then for those who waited Behind Story about to enter!!! Wow~!!!!

Members captured eating the delicious drinks and breads given by the fans
to commemorate their comeback stage on Music Bank!!!
so together, let’s see the scene dudoong~!!

-First is, the one who looks like making a coffee CF SungJae-gun ^^
at this rate it’s possible to get a real coffee CF~~heuheuheu

-How is it possible to look that cute while drinking a soda…
please tell me the secret IlHoon-gun~!!!

-A very delicious rice cake being offered to peniel with payment(?) hey leader!!
(want to taste…payment…i…i..don’t want….kekeke)

-Then eventually everything ends well!! I’ll be good to you!!
Then finish it with a selca!@@

-Today ChangSub-gun appeared nicely on stage while riding a skateboard!!!
still while in the waiting room, nice photos were taken while riding the skateboard
please continue on showing us looks of a skateboarder~
ChangSub-gun~^^ you’re so cool +_+

-At the waiting room wearing a jacket while sitting on a chair
and giving a cool pose is HyunSik-gun!
but next to him is a better looking cuddly stuffed toy ^o^

-IlHoon-gun sending out love for the melodies
and melodies should also send lots of love for BTOB members <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

-Took a photo of Minhyuk-gun hugging a doll he received as a gift!!
Does anybody want to be the doll?? hehe

-HyunSik hyung came out with these goggles could it be you wanted to try it too? Peniel-gun!!
(Peniel-gun you look good in it~!!!^^)

-And finally today Minhyuk vs Sungjae selca battle should not be missed!!

(+) bonus

The sequence, what happened after..?
I’ll show you the pictures~~~


that’s it!! That’s Mak.nae.On.Top~~!!!!!ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

Translated by fyeahborntobeat | TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS


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