120915 BTOB Behind Story :: MBC Music Core


This is BTOB’s Fanclub representative.

Today on Music Core, private photos were taken coolly

Even during the broadcast they came out cool, but how did the Melodies think of them??

(Did I really have to ask the very obvious? kekeke)

And, Today the 2nd MINI ALBUM ‘Press Play’ commemorative fan signing was held.

BTOB members haven’t seen the fans in a long time, after seeing everyone so closely they felt better^^

Everyone knows about tomorrow’s Inkigayo comeback stage and Chuseok special recording right??

Very Beloved Melodies that went to the event to support the BTOB members also believe in them!!

Here is Music Core’s BHS~~

/ during the time of pre-recording, leader was seen.

retouching his make-up..or is it just a concept(?) it’s okay not to know^^;;;

Cool, right? Our Leader-nim^^  ( This photo is the work of Peu-tographer!!@@)

/ bad memories of junk food, but he wonder how that thing taste like,

in the end Peniel-gun take a bite of it~ how was the taste??

/ Peniel-gun then forget about the bad memories with junk food and started giving some of it here and there!

When they arrived at the practice room, we captured Minhyuk-gun munching on memories’ junk food clickclick+_+

/Do you see another Maknae on Top feeling? kekeke

/Changsub-gun who dragged maknae Sungjae-gun in a sudden hug gives out heartwarming(?) feelings+_+

/ From Changsub-gun hugging Sungjae-gun, now we give you aegyo from Ilhoon-gun~!!!!!

/ For Changsub-gun hugging Sungjae-gun, now it’s Ilhoon-gun’s

Sungjae-gun drew even closer and sahking in awe was Ilhoon-gun’s very real expression hehehe

/ the photo above was taken at the waiting room which shows a nervous ilhoon,

come to training session is sungjae-gun took a pretty selca together~!!

presenting the maknae line^_^

(+) Bonus

Right now Hyunsik…….? Melodies lots of photos encouragement

hyunsik-gun’s laughing continues^__^

right now hyunsik-gun is having a hard time selecting a title for there are a lot of comments~!!!

selected title will be revealed on the 2nd episode,

please wait a bit more^^

So, here’s a proof photo of MC Hyunsik holding the mic^^


Translated by fyeahborntobeat | TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS


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