[FANCAFE] 120920 minhyuk’s post – “thursday drama!”

흔하디 흔한 주인공처럼 뻔뻔하 다가왔다!!

오랜만이에요 다들!
그쵸? 반가워요? 반갑죠?
헤헤 그동안 정말 조금만 기다려달라는말만해서
너무미안했는데 컴백2주차를 맞이하고 있네요!

음..컴백하는 주간에느낀거..!
역시 무대위에있을때 너무 행복하다는 것!
그리고 팬들이 함께할때 더욱 힘이난다는 것!

비투비의 컴백을 오래기다린만큼의 보답을
여러분께 드릴거에요 사인회도 1집때보다 많이하구
지방도 갈거구! 좋죠!!!

여러분은 공방오셔서 응원도 크~게 많이해주시고 비투비를 모르는 혹은 관심없는 주변분들께 비투비를전파해주시고(필수!) 와우 노래 많이많이 들어주시는건 말할것도없고^^~

제 사진 보고 상큼한하루시작하세요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[TRANS] Just like that typical main character, I walked shamelessly to you [Lyrics to WOW]

Everyone it’s been a while!

Hasn’t it? how are you? it’s nice to meet again?
hehe during our break we asked you to wait for us a little longer
I am really sorry but anyway it’s the 2nd week of our comeback!

eum..feelings I had during this comeback..!
I’m the happiest when I’m on stage!
and it’s because the fans are with me that I am able to gain strength!

And as a reward for waiting for BTOB’s comeback
there will be more fan sign events in many places! We will be going to districts too!!! That’s for sure!!!

Everyone come to the official broadcast and give loud cheers~ BTOB will continue to work hard to be more recognized and get the interest of the many (Must!) I need not to say but WOW contains all of our hardwork^^~

A selca for you!
Hope this photo of mine will make you have a good day ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

translated by fyeahborntobeat | PLEASE TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS 


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