120920 BTOB Behind Story :: M! Countdown


This is BTOB’s Fanclub representative.

Lately, the voices of the BTOB members’ beloved fans, which they’ve been hearing here and there, is not the same??kekeke

Because there have been more melodies joining in,

We give you BHS from M!Countdown^^

/ Today I uploaded Ilhoon-gun’s and Hyunsik-gun’s photo taken at MBC Music Show Champion.

Aren’t they wearing the same hat?kekeke

/ Eunkwang-gun’s double-v~!!!!

/ Changsub’s stage picture-taking camera glasses~ They might be glasses but they take photos, fascinating, right?

From now on he will take pictures of all the fans with his camera glasses~~ Everyone watch out^^;;;

/ It’s been a while since we had a picture of the warm maknae line and a placard~!

/ Peniel-gun and SungJae’s accessory scramble keke

/ Hyunsik-gun’s naughty-like look one cut^^ Don’t his muscles make him look naughty?hehehe

/ Today’s selca is of Sungjae-gun playing together with Peniel-gun and Changsub-gun keke

/ An expressive selca of Minhyuk-gun eating pizza lively and cutely kekeke


Translated by fyeahborntobeat | TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS


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