[INTERVIEW] BTOB Comeback with ‘WOW’, reason for 7 members to sleep in a room?

BTOB has once again come back after 6 months of hiatus since last March’s release of ‘Insane’

Lately they have revealed their 6 new tracks which are included in their 2nd mini album. The title song, “WOW”, is composed by a combination of composers, Kim DoHan, Seo YongBae and Seo JaeWoo. It is a song that shows a different charm from their debut song, Insane.

- (As compared to) Debut song ‘Insane’, there is noticeable changes in style.

‘Insane’ was a ballad song that emphasizes on the lyrics. In order to match the song itself, even the stage costumes are darker. However, with this new title song, “WOW”, it’s concept has changed more towards a dance song, and it was a transformation needed (along with) bright styles too.

- ‘WOW’, Retro feel.

The overall concept for this 2nd mini album, is none other than ‘Retro’. The title for this album is ‘Press Play’. This is because we used to listen happily using a cassette player. That cassette player has a play button, and as we press it, it has the same meaning of this album title. ‘WOW’ uses a New Jack Swing genre. It’s sort of  like late Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown’s era in which their songs have received lots of popularity then. It has the same retro feel as Deux-sunbaenim’s ‘Try coming back to me’.  The music industry seems to have been lacking of this genre recently. Not only to those in their 10s, even those in their 20s and 30s, it serves as a way for them to reminisce that particular era.

-The outfits became really bright and colorful

This is to match with the song’s style, of course. We utilized those retro colors which was a popular element in the 90s. For example, hip sacs or shirts which is at their waist, those styles.

- We’re slimmer as compared to debut times.

All of the members diets, and has lost around 4~5kg. Although we don’t say “Let’s diet” to each other, we will diet together later on. As we monitor on TV, we feel that we should opt for dieting.

- Idol teams who debut this year, up till September, there were 30 teams. Don’t you think that there are too many competitors?

We have debut for 6 months right now, yet we have lots of juniors already. More than 10 teams I guess. Recently, the ‘idols saturation situation’ has arisen, and we are one of them too. As we research and study a lot about it, we feel that we need to show fans a color of our own. We didn’t think that there will be so many of them (idol groups) growing in such a short time. We wanted to reach out to fans. Although the competition is fierce and is even harder, but crisis is our chance, (therefore) we want to show a different color of ourselves.

- Hardships when promoting.

There is not a specially hard hardship. We work hard in our agency. As we completed ‘Insane’ promotions, we had a 2 days 1 night of holiday, and we went back home. Even when it’s a little hard, the manager-hyungs had given us free time like saying, “Go shopping (for awhile) and come back”. Of course we’re thankful.

- Dormitory life is happy.

7 members sleep together in one room. There are 3 bunk beds and one mattress. It’s our tradition to sleep in one room. BEAST-sunbaenims did that too. It has been around a year where 7 members sleep together. As we sleep together, we would have lots of talking time, which seems to have further helped our teamwork.


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