[INTERVIEW] BTOB, “we’re idols, but… it’s major when our mystique falls”

The oldest of BTOB, Seo Eunkwang was born in 1990 while the youngest member, Yook SungJae was born in 1995. But BTOB came out with a new song that has a 90s New Jack Swing style.

In this situation where the voices that yearn for the 90s grow through a drama, how will these 7 members of BTOB understand the feeling  of that time? BTOB answered, “We’ve listened to a variety of songs, and has gotten used to it. There are people are still accustomed to that era’s music, and we’ve studied about this a lot. We’ve read and listened to resources from the past, (such as) Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, MC Hammer, Deux-sunbaenim and many other more musics”

The trend whereby idols had to come out and promote on a new album without any rest, BTOB  release’s of a new song was rather quite a long while. “Steadily, diligently, and enthusiastically, compared to last album, we worked harder to improve ourselves,” BTOB expressed, and, “There are members who had lost 4~5kg too. As we monitor diligently, we have made efforts in order to show an improved image of ourselves.”

From their comeback preparation courses, there are members who came close to getting hurt. “The cartilage in my left knee was ripped, and had to undergo surgery. It was a situation whereby it was advised that I needed a month of sufficient rest but there weren’t much days left before the comeback. There were talks about putting off the comeback, but because I wanted to stand on the stage soon, I had my rehabilitation intensified, and I did it diligently. It’s not completely recovered, but it can’t be impossible.” (Lee MinHyuk) Lee Minhyuk then followed with a jokingly cute expression, “Despite our company holding back, I was fired up.”

Around six months have passed since their first debut stage. How are BTOB different today than previous? Im Hyunshik gave a mature answer, “Our first aim was to debut, and we made it. Although it is great that we had achieved our goal, but that’s not all, we’ve realized we had lots of new goals to start on.”

With this, Jung IlHoon added, “We’ve monitored our broadcast, but realized that our talents being exposed are just a new beginning”. Leader Seo Eunkwang expressed, “We understand that we have to do well just on the stage, but about meeting with fans and more, we had to be careful”. As Seo Eunkwang said this, the members followed along and said, “Last time we don’t really worry about this, but it has changed now. We are becoming handsome now,” teasing their very own leader.

When asked if the members have anything that can be revealed about each other, BTOB said, “It’s ourselves on those reality programs. That’s why our mystique falls, I think. It was said that fans like it when we have schedules and had to put on makeup,” and, “During broadcast, it seems like we’ve put on a very natural look, we don’t know if we should be worrying about this.”

Just then, Yook SungJae immediately said confidently, “Our sleeping habits are quite bad.” Jung IlHoon who firstly laughed at Sungjae’s words, said, “As he sleeps, he smiles/laugh.” Im Hyunshik then further revealed, “Our sleep talks  are special. As Ilhoon sleeps, he will impersonate president-nim. Minhyuk would dream of nightmares.” Also, Lee Changsub said, “Minhyuk-hyung will get slightly angry when he sleep talks. It was scary looking at it but because it’s really scary, we couldn’t look more than that.” Lee Minhyuk confessed, “I do dream lots of nightmares.”

Through this title track, “WOW”, we have asked what are their goals to achieved. Youngest Yook SungJae expressed a specific yet realistic goal, “I hope that there will be 30,000~ 40,000 fans”. Jung IlHoon talked about his wishes too, “I hope many people would give us cheers. I hope the 90s songs are loved by those in their 30s.”

Meanwhile, BTOB’s title track for this promotion, “WOW” and previous song they have promoted, “Insane” are two dance songs which have a totally different vibe.

“The beat itself is strong, but we had a little shock as the style where we once used to and the music (now) is indeed different. It has a past vibe, but also some new elements within those unfashionable style. It’s a song that reinterprets BTOB’s color.”



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