120924 – btob behind story :: mbc music core


This is BTOB’s Fanclub Representative.

Melodies you have been waiting for B.H.S so here it is!!!

i feel sorry for making you wait for long

i’m going to add some photos taken at the set of music video filming,

please leave a lot of comments^^

/ Today begins the long awaited selca surprise be Seo Leader. SungJae who was creeping behind helped with some of the effects of the Leader’s selcas^^

/ HyunSik-gun with fan to cool his sweat that came down after did a stage

He looks even cool with the overflowing sweat right?ㅋㅋㅋ

/After finishing Music Core SungJae tied his hair like a cute sprout for the fans who are planning to attend the fansign event! This is a proof shot for all the fans that will not be able to attend~! hehe

/ Today MinHyuk is taking pictures with roses again~ Really ‘Prettier than flowers MinHyuk’^^;;

/ Oh the model who posed for us in the Music Core waiting room~!!

Please give a round of applause for this handsome and cool celebrity who has given us these poses~!!!!!! clap clap clap!!!!!

Please enjoy these pictures~!!!!!!

* Now, Let’s take a look at the set of WOW Music Video *

  / What is Eunkwang-gun eating coolly??keke

/ Peniel-gun curious about MC Hyunsik-nim’s Mic~!! Ah-Ah!! Mic Test!!!

/ Suit-wearing Maknae Sungjae-gun~!! Since he’s wearing it prettily *click*^^

/ ChangSub-gun who had taken on look innocently~!!^^

/ MC Hyunsik-gun’s different smile that looks so interesting ㅋㅋ

/ Kyaak~!! What did Ilhoon-gun see that made him surprised like this?? hahaha

/ Spits rays of sunshine Who drinks so nicely? It’s eerie+_+


Dreaming to be a Fashion King 2 shots!@@

No one can follow his style, right??kekeke


translated by fyeahborntobeat | PLEASE TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS


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