[CAFE] 120928 – ilhoon’s fancafe post

이제 추석이네요!! 민족의 대명절ㅋㅋㅋ

추석이라구 너무 마니먹고 탈나지말구~^^

멜로디 여러분들도 가족들과 즐거운 시간 보내구~~!!

우리 음악방송도 오손도손 모여서 시청해주시는거 잊지말구염^^ 굳나잇!^^♥

It is Chuseok Festival!! The biggest festival of the nation kekeke

Please eat delicious food during Chuseok but don’t get sick~^^

I hope Melodies get to spend a great time with your families~~!!

Our music broadcast will also be revealed, everyone please don’t forget to watch it^^ Goodnight!^^ ♥

translated by fyeahborntobeat | PLEASE TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS

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