[FANCAFE] 121001 BTOB member’s post

MinHyuk – 오늘 카페 회원수 16000명을 달성한다면 셀카를 올리겠소.

[TRANS] If our fancafe exceeds 16000 members I will upload a selca.

HyunSik – 나행복해

[TRANS] I’m happy

EunKwang – 민혁이는 당장 셀카를 올리시오^^

[TRANS] Minhyukie upload selca faster ^^

SungJae – 다들즐거운명절 보내셨나용??

저흰지금 다같이 숙소에모여서 다들뭐했는지 얘기하고있어요ㅎㅎ
내일부터 다시달려야죠!!!아쉬워도 힘내쟝~^^
오늘의추천곡 버벌진트-굿모닝

[TRANS] Sungjae: Everybody spend a happy festive season??

We have all gathered in the dorm, and are talking about what we’ve done (during the holidays) hehe
Starting from tomorrow we will be running again!!!! Even if it’s regretful, we need to have strength~ ^^
Today’s recommended song, Verbal Jint – Good Morning

MinHyuk – 오예 16000명 돌파 기념 사진 투척! 맛있는거 많이들 먹구오셨나요?

[TRANS] Oh yeah exceeding-16,000 anniversary picture! Did you guys eat a lot of good food?

MinHyuk – 셀카는 열두시에올려야지^^

[TRANS]  Selca should be uploaded at 12am ^^

translated by @MRSDOOB2UTY



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