121008 – btob behind story :: sbs inkigayo


This is BTOB’s Fanclub Representative.

In a slip, BTOB members and Melody have been together for 200days and days are still passing by~ㅠㅠ

Time flies so fast, right?ㅠㅠ

Always staying by BTOB members’ side, cheering and loving them, Thank youㅠㅠ

Therefore, even today without fail B.H.S has arrived for you to see!!!!!!!

You’re happy, right??^^

So, let’s GOGOSING~!!!!

/ At the start of the day, Maknae Sungjae-gun’s armed aegyo selca^^

/ Dedicated for BTOB is Minhyuk-gun’s heart♡

/ Flowers and our unrecognizable leader Eunkwang-gun^^;;;;;

/ It’s been a while since a selca was left by cool Changsub-gun^^ From now on, leave lots and lots~!!

/ “Yes??” is what Peniel-gun seems like he’s doing~~cutecute>_<

/ Because of the lovely smile, a shot of Hyunsik-gun♡

At the back, Minhyuk-gun’s also clearly seen^^

/ Ilhoon-gun’s reflective attractiveness photo!! A photo of his hair styled up and hair styled down!!

It’s both attractive, isn’t it?hehehe

/ Changsub-gun!! Really can’t see what’s right in front of you??? kekekeke

/ Eunkwang-gun and Peniel-gun joined concept photo! What is this concept???

/ Been a while since a relaxed hairstyled-Minhyuk-gun charismatic photo~!!!!

/ Class is different definitely different~!!! Eunkwang-gun surpassing Sungjae-gun??keke

/ Face smaller than the fan, it’s our Leader-nim^^

/ Sungjae-gun just like that has a different feel to his side profile~!@@

/ What a hazed Minhyuk-gun….stay strong^_^

Thank you.

translated by fyeahborntobeat | PLEASE TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS


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