121011 – btob behind story :: btob special♡


This is BTOB’s Fanclub Representative.

The weather got colder suddenlyㅠㅠ

Melody didn’t catch a cold right?? Everyone be careful not to catch a coldㅠㅠ

Today is Special. I’m going to share some special photos to you~!

Do you know the opening video of MTV Diary??

Behind the scene photos taken from the filming/recording of the Chuseok Special!

Don’t forget to storm in comments after seeing the photos^^

/ Leader Seo who turned into a conductor in the opening video!! Is the practice to look at in the waiting room real??

/ ChangSub having a straight look and a nice smile^_^

/ Peniel’s awkward “V” sign^^

/ Ilhoon posing as soon as he saw the camera!! so.s.ty.lish!!!!!

/ ChangSub’s paparazzi-cut style atmostphere!! Good match of lighting and costumes!!!!

* Yeah, time to decide!! Choose the photo that’s better matching of the two!!! *

/ The reversal of Minhyuk’s looks! Gentle Minhyuk VS Cute Minhyuk

/ This time the side profile of Sungjae VS the fabulous façade of Sungjae

/ Lastly fine Hyunsik VS sexy Hyunsik

/ what do you need…charmingly asking for something^^;;;;

/ Ilhoon’s deeply drawn eyes o_o

/ folllow the really good 90-line eunkwang and minhyuk!

/ Eventually the selca turned out really pretty …..I’m very satisfied!!^_^

/ As soon as recording ends, putting Hyunsik’s nametag over his neck~  Proof shot^^

(+) Bonus 1

What’s the concept???heuheuheu

(++) Bonus 2

Want to fly to the skies….the leader and the youngest…kekekekekekekekekekekekeke


translated by fyeahborntobeat | PLEASE TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT


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