121104 – BTOB Behind Story :: KBS Music Bank


This is BTOB’s Fanclub Representative.

Now there is only a few hours left for Sunday ㅠㅠㅠ

A weekend to go for sweet relaxation,

Now we have to prepare for another monday~~

For those that don’t really like the coming monday

We have uploaded photos of BTOB members to cheer you guys up~!!^^

Also, the Melodies finishing the weekend evening well,

For the new monday, AJA AJA*~!!!!! (*cheering. Same as ‘Fighting’)

So, here are the members’ appearances from Music Bank~!!

/ Stretching after a good sleep is Eunkwang-gun~~keke

/Changsub’s ‘outcast’ pose~!! It feels real, doesn’t it?

/ Special MCs from Music Bank were Minhyuk-gun and Ilhoon-gun!!

After coming from their stage they monitor together, and their selca was taken prettily^^

/ Lately on stage, First kiss(?) performance, this is Hyunsik-gun and Ilhoon-gun’s practice shot!!kekeke

[NOTE: This pose is a famous couple pose. I think it’s called ‘First Kiss’]

/ Nowadays pushing(?) to be a prudish Sungjae-sshi ♡

/ From prudish Sungjae-sshi to an overly curious Sungjae-sshi kekeke

/ This is arrogant(?) Ilhoon-sshi and Cute Ilhoon-sshi kekeke

/ These are Peniel-gun’s taken photos~~Using the Camera features, he took these cool photos^^


Members sitting on Leader Eunkwang-gun’s lap!!

Do notice the look on Eunkwang-gun’s face as the members increase^^


translated by fyeahborntobeat | PLEASE TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT


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