[NEWS] 130520 BTOB Bring Gifts To Orphans Before Leaving to South Korea tonight

In the afternoon, the South Korean singer BTOB bring a gift Schools, an orphanage where Located in Prek Pra Khan Meanchey before they are released back to their country in the night.


Gift, the South Korean singer BTOB to distribute child in the Angkor children rongsai such as water and remove cows package. They also painted the walls in the school In an organization as well.

According to Mrs. President child rongsai Said In your organization All of the 82 children who were sent from almost all provinces Phnom Penh in Cambodia In 34.

She said she, as well as all children in the Really very happy when South Korean singer BTOB visit As well as a number of gifts To help children in the organization.


President says Your past, she does not have Foreign artists to visit such as your organization More difficult So get help charity this time BTOB trek building Although more But also santean should praise them.

I hope that After the South Korean singer BTOB back to back They will take the information from the lack of your organization To tell their friends As well as other charity And hope that her organization will continue to support specific call.

In this visit The singer BTOB painted walls in the organization as well After they Charity donations And their last photos anoussaeavriy a children’s organization, with a smile as well.

After the end of the mission concert And visit charity donation on the territory of Cambodia The singer BTOB to leave their countries in the night.

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CREDITS : Sabay News

Translate by : BTOB Indonesia

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