130622 FROM BTOB : Sungjae – “Melody…We Are at Your Side So Fighting!”






That is the wayㅜㅜ This is the kind of atmosphere that the maknae Sungjae wantedㅜㅜ!!!

The problem has ended smoothly, it is really a relief.

It is becuase of the existence of 2 handsome big brothers who are really reliable ㅎㅎ

Though there are lots of fans who are wishing that it would be good if I did not get hurt because of this incident,

But to say that I had gotten out of this incident completely unharmedㅎ That would be a lie….

Just a wee bit..?(To the degree of the nose feeling sour)

However, please do not think that the hurt that me, Sungjae, had received was very painful, because I believe this will help me become more matureㅎ

(Oh…My words are rather cool)

Anyway…It is a good night to feel happy about since the problem was well resolved

The reason why I am not sleeping now is because although I fell asleep early

I got bitten by a mosquito and now I am awake….

So I shall go back to sleep again now Melody I love you all♥See you in dreamland


p.s : Ha….By the way

Where can I download my pictures now….ㅜ3ㅜ



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