[TRANS] BTOB’s Interview With CeCi Thailand Magazine


Interview with Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Hyunsik, Changsub, PenielIlhoon, Sungjae

Eunkwang’s Interview :

Q1: Please introduce yourself and tell us about your own charm.

Eunkwang: Sawadeekab Seo Eunkwang kab (Hello, I’m Seo Eunkwang) I’m BTOB’s leader. I’m a kind person and rarely get angry at the anyone. I think I should start getting angry at the others because in some situations, it seems like I should be angry. I’ll start with the members. Keep watching! If I get angry, I’ll rampant! (laughs)

Q2: A member who listens to you the most.

Eunkwang: It’s Changsub. We’re really close because We’ve studied together. He listens to me the most and tries to help me to be a good leader. When I told the members to do anything, Changsub would pay attention at listening and remind the members to do what the leader told. (CeCi: So, Changsub is a real leader!) NoNoNoNoNo No way. If I tell him not to do, he won’t!

Q3: A member who troubled you the most.

Eunkwang: Ilhoonie. He’s a kind of person who does what he wants. When I told anything, he didn’t listen to because he was doing another thing. And he did a mistake later. So with this guy, I have a special treatment. I have to be like I’m with a kid, always tell him to do repeatedly.

Q4: A memorable situation of being together.

Eunkwang:  I can remember the first stage that we debuted clearly. Before going up the stage, we stood together and said ‘It’s going to start now. Let’s work hard on it together’. It’s a memory that will never been forgotten.

Q5: Which kind of person or situation can make you angry?

Eunkwang: Aside from my younger brother, I’ve never been angry at anyone. Oh! Angry at myself. I will angry if I didn’t do well on the practice, I’ll become stressful and angry at myself. And also get angry when I lost in games. When I was young, if I got angry, I would hit the keyboard in order to release out my anger. But as I grew older, I would hit the wall. (CeCi: Wasn’t it hurt?) It’s hurt. But as I couldn’t angry at the others, so I hurt myself instead. But now I don’t do it anymore.

Q6: A girl who can extremely attracted you.

Eunkwang: I like a girl who is really girly. Have you ever watched Bondage that Han Hyojoo acted as a main female character? I like that kind of girl. A girl who is really girly…feminine. And also has to have a beautiful mind.

Q7: What do you want to tell to the members?

Eunkwang: Ilhoon, you better listen to me! (laughs) I’m really glad that 7 of us come and stay together in the name of BTOB. And as the leader, I’ll try my best so that we can be more famous and make out the good works.

Q8: Impressions about Thailand.

Eunkwang: Tom Yum Kung. When I first ate it, I really surprise of the smell and taste. Every countries have food that has its own specific smell like Korea or Japan. For Thailand, it’ll be Tom Yum Kung. First time I taste it, I felt it’s really hard. But for this visit, I’ll try it again. I’ll ate it all!

Minhyuk Interview :

Q1: Please introduce yourself and tell us about your own charm.

Minhyuk: Hello I’m BTOB’s Minhyuk. I’m both rapper and vocal in team, and I also have much more things that I can do well. I’m good at exercising too. Easily concluded that I’m an idol who can do everything, good at everything! (laughs)

Q2: You have a look of a cute boy, which is the cutest incidence you’ve ever done?

Minhyuk: Actually, I don’t want to tell this story of mine. I’m both embarrass and shy. But…when finished shower and looked at the mirror, I always think “I’m really handsome” and then ” What am I thinking!? But I’m really cute!” (extremely shy) “Pom Na Rak Joong Bei (I’m really cute)” “Pom Rak Khun (I Love you)” “Pom Na Rak Mai Kab? (Am I cute?)” Honestly, us guys don’t think that we’re cute. We’re handsome!

Q3: Your most manly personality

Minhyuk: Being patient and can control myself. When I’m angry, I can control myself to not release my anger out at the others. When I’m in hurry, I can act as I’m not. And if I fight with the others, I think I can give up.

Q4: An aim that you think that no matter what happens, you must do it.

Minhyuk: I’ve never thought about this before, but it may be buying a house and car for my parents. And my aim for now is I want our group to be No.1 in Korea.

Q5: What should the girls do to attract Minhyuk?

Minhyuk: I like a girl who likes to tease. Looks at me, smiles at me, acts like she likes me, but when I’m interested in her, she holds out. Like teases me in order to attract me and then holds out, so that I have to use my effort. It’s interesting. I feel that it’s challenge.

Q6: Things that you can’t accept in girls.

Minhyuk: Being stubborn, always like to beat the others, don’t accept others’ ideas (not flexible, she must always right)

Q7: Impressions about Thailand.

Minhyuk: Every time I visit here, the hotels are really beautiful and great to the point that I thought ‘Can we really use this room?’ (laughs) And also Taengmo Pun (Watermelon smoothies) and Pat Thai are really delicious.

Hyunsik’s Interview :

Q1: Please introduce yourself and tell us about your own charm.

Hyunsik: Hello I’m Hyunsik. I’ma BTOB’s main vocal. I always think in positive way and think about good things. Normally, it looks like I’m quiet, but actually I’m funny (expresses a serious facial expression)

Q2: Members agreed that you have the most manly personality in the team.

Hyunsik: Maybe it because I have a biggest and strongest body in them team.

Q3: Your most manly personality

Hyunsik: I’m straight person. If I like something, I’ll say I like it. And if I dislike it, I’ll say I don’t. I won’t say it’s OK if it’s not.

Q4: I’ve heard that you’ve met the ghost at Cube.

Hyunsik: That’ true. It was very late at night and I was alone in the practice room. I heard like someone would going to open the door so I walked out to see who is him, but I found nobody. (CeCi: Maybe your friends were teasing you) No, they didn’t. It’s very late and I’m the only one there. But I’m not afraid of ghost, I believe in it, but I’m not afraid. I also want to confront with it. Like when I was alone at home, I heard a strange sound. And sometimes when I was sleeping, I felt like there’s somebody beside me. But just this, I’ve never confronted with it.

Q5: What do abs and muscles mean to Hyunsik?

Hyunsik: (smiles shyly) Every time I see six-pack abs in the mirror, I’ll gain strength.

Q6: A girl who can extremely attracted you.

Hyunsik: A straight, serious and sincere girl. She must expresses it out clearly like this (tilts neck and gives eyes contact)

Q7: Impressions about Thailand.

Hyunsik: My parents had their honeymoon at Thailand. And I’ve been to many countries since I was young, but I’ve never come to Thailand just once. My friends who play golf came to play golf in Thailand and told me that Thailand’s really good. So I really wanted to come, and when I came, I really liked it. My first visit is with BTOB members. I would come with my friends earlier, but I couldn’t because I had to work hard on my practice. So my friends left me and came here first. So sad (laughs)

Peniel’s Interview

Q1: Please introduce yourself and tell us about your own charm.

Peniel: Annyeonghaseyo Hello Sawadeekab (speaks with 3 languages along with smiles widely) I’m BTOB’ Peniel. I’m really open-mind because I came from America. I can make friends easily.

Q2: Differences and common between Peniel on stage and Peniel in real life?

Peniel: They have nothing in common. For example, the concept for 2nd confession is cute, but I’ve never liked acting cute. I still don’t like acting cute until now.

Q3: What kind of image you want people to see you?

Peniel: Whatever. Because they’re others’ ideas, what they see me are up to them. But I’ve never thought about how I want people to see me.

Q4: Your feelings toward the nickname ‘An innocent boy from Chicago’

Peniel: I like it. It’s a good thing. (smiles widely) I also think I’m that kind of person. It maybe right. Maybe because I was young, so people think that I’m still blank, looks like a kid, and innocent.

Q5: The most confident part of yourself that you think you’re the best at it.

Peniel: Ah, a very hard question (CeCi: It’s not hard. ‘Smiles’ is Okay!) But I don’t have a beautiful smile. Oh! I got it. It’s myself. My way of speaking and personality that are different from the others. I think I’m strange and different from others. I’m sure that I’m the best at it!

Q6: Your ideal type

Peniel: None. I don’t have my ideal type, neither appearances nor personalities. I think it’s about understanding each other. Maybe we’ll be friends at first, but if we can understand each other, we can develop to be lovers.

Q7: Impressions about Thailand.

Peniel: When I was a trainee at JYP, I had a Thai trainee as a friend. His mother sent him Tom Yum Kung, so I ate Tom Yum Kung since that time. So I’m the only one ,who came to Thailand for the first time, that could eat Tom Yum Kung easily because I’ve eaten it before. When I came to Thailand for the first time, I went to see Muay Thai (Thai boxing) and tried it. And I also tried Thai massage. I like everything.

Ilhoon Interview

Q1: Please introduce yourself and tell us about your own charm.

Ilhoon: Sawadeekab. I’m BTOB’s rapper, Jung Ilhoon. Sometimes I become very manly but sometimes I become very cute. Actually, I’m a playful guy. I look calm on the stage but that’s because I want fans to think that I’m cool and polite. But when I’m off stage, I will do everything I want. You can tell that I’m stubborn (laughs)

Q2: An episode that when you think of, you’ll think ‘How could I do that’

Ilhoon: Normally, when we walk through the fans, we will walk through them by only 3 seconds right? But I’ve ever stopped and talked to the fans for a while. Later, I thought ‘How could I do that?’ The reactions of fans were really funny. Some liked it, but some were confused like…’what happened with Ilhoon!?’

Q3: Your personality that you want to change

Ilhoon: I’m a kind of person that do everything without thinking and always do everything I want. Sometimes I want to change this personality. Stop first and think that if I should do this. Think wisely. Think before do anything.

Q4: The leader said that Ilhoon doesn’t want to listen to him and made a mistake!

Ilhoon: (laughs) That’s not happen every time, just sometimes. Because I don’t like to think. When I was listening to him, I went like ‘Eh..Is that right?’ But it came out that I misunderstood and made a mistake. Actually, I should ask him when I got confused, but I was lazy. So I thought and did it by myself, and it sometimes ended with my mistake. But it’s not every time. I’m a smart kid!

Q5: Among the songs that you collaborate with other artists, which one is your favorite?

Ilhoon: I love both songs with HyunA and G.Na. These 2 songs came out very beautiful. But my favorite is the song with 2YOON, because I had put lots of my style in to it. The song is really pleased 

Q6: Your ideal type

Ilhoon: I like a girl who can do everything by herself, no need others’ helps. A girl who can live alone. Because sometimes I want to tell her that I’m tired. Most girls will start being petulant after heard it. So I like the girl who can understand me and okay with living alone.

Q7: Impressions about Thailand.

Ilhoon: Loves from Thai fans. We don’t come here so often but the fans still love us as much as when we came for the first time. I don’t like cold weather, so I like Thai weather because it’s all-year warm. Thai foods are also very delicious. If I have free time, I want to come and travel in Thailand.

Changsub’s Interview 

Q1: Please introduce yourself and tell us about your own charm.

Changsub: Hello I’m BTOB’s Changsub. This is my 3rd time in Thailand. Honestly, I want to stay here more than this, unfortunately that we can stay here only 3 days. I’m a good person and I’m not angry easily, but if I’m angry, I’ll explode (laughs)

Q2: Your pride

Changsub: I’m a good and polite kid to the older people.

Q3: You’re able to compose songs, sing and play drums. Which type of music do you specially want to make?

Changsub: I want to make all the types. But now I want to work on Jazz the most. Because Jazz is different from songs that I ever did like Ballad and Dance. Jazz is a genre that I’ve never studied and done before. The music in Jazz is also interesting. I want to study first and then try to make it. Because making Jazz need the study first. It can help me improve one step more.

Q4: You’re going to go to a deserted island, please choose a member and 5 things to bring with.

Changsub: I choose Sungjae because he’s the tallest and strongest. So he can do fishing and kill the animals for meat. For another reason, Sungjae looks suitable with leaf pants that a man in deserted island wear. (laughs) And for the things, I’ll choose mobile phone, tooth brush, tanned lotion, a gun, and the another gun. Because I really love to brush my teeth, I can’t stay without it. The first gun is for protect myself from wild animals. And the another one is spare, in the case that the first one doesn’t work. I’m a careful person!

Q5: Privilege for Changsub’s girlfriend only.

Changsub: A great, constant, serious and endless love. Sacrifice love (Note: he said ‘Sacrifice love’ in English)

Q6: Impressions about Thailand.

Changsub: Tom Yum Kung. Another one is I drank Taengmo Pun (Watermelon smoothies) while I went to the swimming pool. It’s so delicious that I can’t forget it. Normally we drink Taengmo Pun in daytime, but I drank it in nighttime and beside the swimming pool. It’s really impressed.

Sungjae’s Interview

Q1: Please introduce yourself and tell us about your own charm.

Sungjae: Hello I’m Yook Sungjae, the team’s youngest. I’m shy boy to people who I meet for the first time. For the first time, I’ll afraid to have a conversation. But if we’re close, I’ll speak a lot, friendly, playful and like to smile.

Q2: Advantages of being BTOB’s Maknae

Sungjae: All Hyungs like me because I’m cute, frisky and playful. When I did any mistake, it’s alright. No one scolded at me.

Q3: and how about disadvantages?

Sungjae: Nobody think that I’m the Maknae. If I just sit there without smiling, everyone will think that I’m old!

Q4: You always tease your Hyungs. Can you please tell a part of it?

Sungjae:  With other Hyungs, I didn’t dare to tease them much because they are Hyungs. The one I teased the most is Ilhoon because our age is not much different. When he’s sleeping, I would go sleep beside him and teased him until he woke up. Another one is Peniel because he’s an American. He doesn’t care about age and see everybody as friends, so I can tease him. He’s not good at Korean, so I taught him wrong words, words that can’t be broadcasted.(laughed)

Q5: What should the girls do if they want to stay beside Sungjae?

Sungjae: I’m an easy-going that you can live with freely. Just do not lie. Being serious, sincere and must be beautiful too (whispers and smiles shyly) I don’t have my ideal type but I want to find a girl who’s like my mom. My mom is beautiful and good at cooking. Girls who know themselves that they’re like my mom, please call me!

Q6: What do you want to tell to the Hyungs?

Sungjae: Sometimes I teased you guys too much. Thanks the Hyungs for treat me really well. When I did any mistake, you guys always forgive me. You all help me to change to be a better person. Thank you.

Q7: Impressions about Thailand.

Sungjae: Thai foods are delicious. Like Tom Yum Kung, I thought it’s like Korean’s Dwenjang Jjigae (된장 찌개). So when I tasted it for the first time, I scooped up a big spoon. When it reached my mouth, I suddenly shocked with the smell. But after I continued eating, I knew why Thai people love it. It’s really delicious like Dwenjang Jjigae. And I also like Pat Thai and Taengmo Pun (watermelon smoothies)


PICT BY : @ForPeniel



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