[PICT/TRANS] Minhyuk @ GQ Magazine Interview


Lee Min Hyuk (23 Years old) BTOB Vocal, Rapper.

Q : What were you doing an hour before your photos were taken ?
A : Washing up.

Q : Something that you really want to do this year, but have not ?
A : Vacation.

Q : 3 items that you think you did well by buying it ? 
A : Didn’t buy up to 3 items.

Q : Basketball or football ?
A : Both.

Q : Cola or cider ?
A : Cider.

Q : What colour socks did you wear this morning ?
A : White and black stripes socks.

Q : People whom you like to spend this christmas with ?
A : I want to be surrounded by many people at the Gayo Awards Ceremony.

Q : Time when you need your friend ?
A : When i need consolation.

Q : Time when you need a girl.
A : Once again, when i need consolation.

Q : What do you feel like eating the most right now ?
A : Shaved ice.

Q : A habit that you would like to get rid now ?
A : The habit of folding joints. 

Q : Your favourite shoes ?
A : Converse.

Q : A gift that you wanted to give to your family for Chuseok ?
A : BTOB success and my success.

Q : A song that was played more than a 100times ?
A : BTOB’s Thriller.

Q : A movie that you keep watching ?
A : All the series of <Batman> .

Q : Between Taylor Swift and Taylor Momsen, your style is ?
A : Taylor Swift. 

Q : If you were born again ?
A : If i was born again, i still want to be Lee Min Hyuk. 

Q : After 10 years, what do you think you will be doing ?
A : Will probably be living as a composer and actor ? 

Q : Your favourite alcohol ? 
A : Beer and tequila. 

Q : A game that you like the most ?
A : Winning Eleven.

Q : A bug that you hate the most ? 
A : Mosquito. 

Q : A perfume that you use alot ?
A : Versace.

Q : If you had to pick between a tshirt and a shirt ?
A : V-neck tshirt.

Q : What do you want to do the most right now ?
A : I want to sleep. To the extent where i can no longer continue sleeping.


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